Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pamper & Protect Skin to Arrive Looking as Fab as Your Destination. TRAVEL SNOB BEAUTY & TRAVEL BLOG

The bane of travel is the havoc it wreaks on skin. In addition to the change of environment, there is desert-like low humidity, inadequate rest, and dehydration. "Air travelers are exposed to changes in the environment starting right when you board the plane," explains Denise Spanek, a licensed skincare expert. The Journal of Environmental Health Research confirms that the "typical relative humidity in aircraft cabins for flights over an hour is below 10% for most of the journey, dropping to less than 5% on longer flights. Wrinkles, lines, dark circles and flakiness are all effects of in flight travel." Small wonder fashionistas and celebs hide under oversized glasses upon touching down.

The new airline regulations limit much of what people are now allowed to bring on board in the way of lotions & potions. However Spanek's new Air Repair Kit contains six fab skincare products for the globetrotting beauty to tuck in her carry-on. "Many people felt panicked when told they were not able to bring their creams and lotions aboard airplanes when airport security carry-on restrictions went into effect. It's most essential to treat your skin before entering an airplane and again after flying. The quality of the global products in this kit will help provide long-lasting moisturizing of the skin and protection during and after the flight."

Each Air Repair Kit contains a 30-day supply of:

  • Desquacreme A creamy, foaming facial cleanser by Sothys from Paris that deep cleans but is mild enough for all skin types.
  • One each of the Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream & Essential Mask from Switzerland to restore elasticity back into the skin after exposure to an oxygen-depleting environment such as flying.
  • Air Repair Skin Vitality Mineral Mist (Spanek's own brand) which is an effective botanical re-hydrator, used as a toner or sprayed directly on the skin to relieve excessive dryness.
  • Air Repair Rescue Balm A uniquely formulated salve that helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss which is a primary cause of dry skin when traveling.
  • Terme Cream from Italy A long-lasting hand and nail cream that moisturizes and protects without being greasy.
  • A handy, comprehensive instruction card on how to use each product depending on your travel needs - with everything tucked into an ultra practical, deluxe toiletry bag with plenty of room for other travel items.

The Air Repair Kit is available at VisageStudio.com.

- The Travel Snob


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