Friday, November 03, 2006

See the World through New Eyes with an Inspirational, Education Trip Organized by Ubiquity International. TRAVEL SNOB TRAVEL BLOG

Visit Europe, Berlin, Prague, Vienna or Bratislava. Explore the Paris Gastronomique tour with Chef Tyler Stone. Join cultural specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D. Classics and founder of Ubiquity International, in Northern Greece, Eastern Europe, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Milan. "Italy, Spain, France and Greece are solid standards in our program," explains Talboy about Ubiquity's 2007 tour slate which offer tour participants a unique way to experience different languages, art, history and culture of the world through international travel. "At Ubiquity International, we see to it that travelers fully indulge the local flavor of a given destination from the ground-up, not only from a bird's eye view. Travel involving language, art, history and culture is our passion and we look forward to each new opportunity to share this excitement with others. Our 2007 line-up takes the traveler to exciting new reaches of European discovery. If you have ever wanted to visit Prague or Bratislava but were unsure, now is the time to go. Experience it with us. We have the same standard of excellence in all of our tours."

The 2007 program starts with a tour Talboy has wanted to lead for some time: London, Bristol and the South of England. "There is so much rich history is that small swath, but it is often overlooked," saysDavid Fitzpatrick, Ubiquity International's Ireland Cultural Specialist. "If you want to discover such a diverse location, a tour with Ubiquity International is the way to do it."

2007 tour opportunities from Ubiquity:

  • 6-14 March 2007: Rome and the South of Italy with Cultural Specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D. (chaperoned student travel group)
  • 18-28 April 2007: Paris Gastronomique! with Chef Tyler Stone
  • 7-19 May 2007: Northern Greece with Cultural Specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D.
  • 9-20 June 2007: Madrid, Barcelona and Paris with Cultural Specialist Alexa Flores-Hull, MA (chaperoned student travel group)
  • 6-21 July 2007: Greece, Turkey and the Aegean Cruise with Cultural Specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D.
  • 24 July -6 August 2007: Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava with Cultural Specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D.
  • 4-18 September 2007: Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and Milan with Cultural Specialist Thomas Talboy, Ph.D.
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